About Us

    At FUSION, we want all youth to have a place where they can come together, have an incredibly fun time of hanging out with friends, make new friends, and most importantly, grow deeper in their faith through teaching and experiences.

     This place is not your typical youth group.  It is made up of the best youth in the world, who are passionate about their faith, sharing God's message of grace and love with the world, and doing so through more than just words.  They are about being "Love in Action", and their hands-on approach to displaying their faith is not about an attempt to gain more of God's love.  Instead, it is out of response for the priceless gift of God's grace they have been given.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to be a place where youth gather to experience authentic worship, grow deep roots of faith through solid teaching and life-changing experiences, and be loved, nurtured and equipped to then be sent as God's light and love to all people, in our community and around the world.

Our Staff

Andy Tuttle
Director of Student Ministries
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Andy and his wife Kim have four children—Tyler, Taylor, Caleb, and Christian. He also has two black lab mix dogs, Rascal and Oreo.  Andy is a class of 2000 graduate of the University of North Carolina in Greensboro with a degree in Business Administration and a concentration in Marketing.  Andy brings a multitude of experience in youth ministry(over 20 years) and a heart for serving youth, the church, and the community. Andy has an interest in small group ministry and helping youth feel connected with and integrated into the church. A believer in local missions, Andy also strives to serve the local community through nursing home visits and service to the homeless. Andy also shares the vision of growing leaders within the church’s youth program. He loves the lake, to travel with friends and family, and play games.
Jordan Gross
Associate Director of Student Ministries

No Bullying Zone

On October 9th, 2016, FUSION Student Ministries took a stand against bullying by writing and adopting a covenant explaining what we all do, what we will not do, and how we will respond to behavior that does not align with the kind of community we are striving to create. FUSION strives to be a safe, loving and inclusive place for all Middle and High School Students in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
At FUSION We Will...
Accept Everyone
Support Others
Welcome Everyone
Be The Light
Treat Everyone Like Family
Love Everyone
Include Everyone
Celebrate One Another
Treat Others As We Wish To Be Treated
Respect Each Other Unconditionally
Show Kindness
Take Action Against Bullying
Be Hospitable
Giver Everyone A Voice
Be Open-Minded
At FUSION We Will Not...
Exclude Anyone
Tolerate Bullying
Participate in Drama
If we see exclusion, we will include
If we see someone being judged, we will defend them.
If someone spreads gossip, we will stop it.
If someone is hurting, we will comfort them,
If we witness bullying, we will address it immediately.
If we hurt someone, we will apologize.
If drama happens, we will shut it down immediately.

The FUSION Student Ministries are a ministry of Mount Tabor United Methodist Church 

FUSION Youth meets at Mount Tabor UMC located at:
3543 Robinhood Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27106

Office Phone: 3367655561    Fax: 3367684300    www.mtfusion.org

Director: Andy Tuttle


Associate Director: Jordan Gross